Happy Place Review: A Boston Exhibit Experience

Huyen Le, Soobeautis

A couple of days ago, I finally got the chance to visit the Happy Place in Boston! The Happy Place is a pop-up exhibit that runs from April 5th – June 2nd, 2019. I wanted to share to you guys my experience and an honest review of the Happy Place. Still debating whether it’s worth it or not? Well keep on reading!

What is the Happy Place?

Let’s face it, the Happy Place is basically an exhibit where you take pictures for your Instagram if you’re a millennial. I believe it’s pure fun for little kids but if you’re a millennial, admit it, you’re just going for the IG pics. Pop-up exhibits aren’t really a thing in Boston because it’s always either in Los Angeles or New York. I was surprised and excited when I saw that the Happy Place was coming to my home state!

Huyen Le, Soobeautis

When To Visit and How Much?

Since it’s a pop-up exhibit, the Happy Place won’t stay permanently in Boston. According to their website, they’re only open from April 5th – June 2nd, 2019. I decided to skip opening and school vacation week because it would be super packed. I visited the exhibit on a Friday morning at 11:00am because 1.) Less crowds and 2.) Slightly cheaper tickets and 3). “Easier” to find parking. You can buy your tickets online by reserving the date and time slot. Personally a $35 ticket with tax included seems pricey to me but hey, that’s not stopping me.

The Experience

Each room is completely different and you’ll find all sorts of colors, props, displays, and lighting. The rooms are very aesthetically pleasing and definitely instagram worthy. Lucky for me, there were barely any crowds so I didn’t have to wait in line to take a picture in each room! The rooms were created for an interactive experience such as throwing confetti or going threw a room of hanging chains. My favorites was the classic yellow duck bathtub room, the cookie room (PSA: You get a free cookie. Yay to free food!), and the beautiful flower room. The most disappointing room was the confetti dome because the wind wasn’t strong as expected. I resorted in throwing my own confetti in the air cause the wind was useless. Since some of the rooms were small, it took us less than an hour to go through it all.

Huyen Le, Soobeautis

In Conclusion

I love how each room had a theme and an interactive aspect to it. Did I have fun? Yes. Did I get a lot of good pics? Yes. Is it worth it? Depends on you to be honest. Since I’m one of those people that loves to take pictures for the gram, I had a blast. I tried to look at it from another perspective and asked my boyfriend if he enjoyed it. He said it was fun but definitely not worth the $35. He’s the type of person that rarely uses his Instagram and doesn’t care about taking photos of himself. If you’re not a photo person, it’s honestly up to you if you want to splurge $35. You can still have fun even if you hate getting your picture taken though. If you’re like me, go go go! Have fun snapping and posting away!

Huyen Le, Soobeautis

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