Cheap YesStyle Dresses: Clothing Reviews + Tips

I’ve been ordering from YesStyle for awhile now and was skeptical at first. But I fell in love with the cute styles. YesStyle is an online shop that consists of Korean and Japanese brands of makeup, fashion, and accessories. Pricing ranges from very affordable to expensive depending on the brand. These items are shipped from either Korea, Japan, or the United States. Warmer weather is finally approaching in Boston and I decided to whip out my dresses from YesStyle. I had these dresses for a year now and can definitely give my full thoughts on it. So, let’s get into the reviews and buying tips!

EFO – Sleeveless Striped A-Line Dress

Okay, when I first saw this dress in person, I was not pleased with it. It looked and felt very cheap. The material is cotton with a linen blend. It just didn’t feel right. When I tried it on, it looked better than expected. The waist belt is detachable but it looked better with the belt on. The belt made a difference to frame my figure in order to give that a-line look. This dress gets wrinkled easily if you don’t hang it up. I bought this dress in a size small and it fits perfectly on me. The hem of this dress hits right on my knees, not too long or too short. For reference, I am 5’6. I love that classic blue and white pinstripe pattern because it honestly gives me Kdrama vibes. I bought this dress for only $15 and you definitely get what you paid for. The fabric may not feel great but it still looks cute!

Fashion Blogger, SooBeautis, Huyen Le
Fashion Blogger, SooBeautis, Huyen Le

Rocho – Patterned Tunic

This is actually my first t-shirt dress and I absolutely love it. Unlike the last dress, the material is very soft because it’s 100% cotton. This dress is very loose fitting but it won’t swamp up your figure. I love the aztec pattern on the sleeves and on the bottom of this dress. However, I feel like the pattern can peel off after a few washes. It hasn’t yet so maybe it’ll continue to prove me wrong! I bought this dress in a size small and it’s short on me. I don’t feel like it’s too short to the point where I feel exposed. There’s still a lot of length to cover my bum area. This dress was only $10 so I think this was definitely a steal!

Fashion Blogger, SooBeautis, Huyen Le
Fashion Blogger, SooBeautis, Huyen Le

Buying Tips from YesStyle

Buying clothes from YesStyle can definitely be a hit or miss. I have bought shirts that I had to return before because I simply had bad judgement. It’s very important to read reviews before you buy online. I can’t stress how important that part is. I only buy clothes from YesStyle if they either have 4 or 5 stars on their overall product reviews. Also, please keep in mind on the sizing. Asian sizes tend to be more smaller compared to American sizes. The great thing about YesStyle is they have a unit converter calculator to help you see the sizes from inches to centimeters and vice versa. They’re pretty good with shipping and I usually receive my packages within 1-1.5 weeks. Overall, I really enjoy buying from YesStyle once in awhile and would highly recommend it! I hope this helps. Happy Shopping!


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