About Me

Huyen LeHello Beauties! I’m Huyen and this my creative little outlet for sharing what I love – makeup, clothes, and traveling! Launched in 2017 for the sole purpose of getting a writing job that required an online portfolio, a new meaningful purpose has grown overtime. After getting an internship and moving to a full-time job, SooBeautis was pretty much dead for over a year. Over 1 year?! I know, crazy.┬áSo why did I decide to bring this back from the dead? Working a 9-5 job just makes me feel stuck in the same routine everyday.

I do feel that a part of me is missing. Although l feel lost in what I want to do with my life but it took me long enough to realize that I wanted to do something for myself and only for myself. I wanted my blog back and I needed a creative outlet where I can express myself and do what I love. Here’s to hoping my little story will spark the fire in you to pursue what you are passionate about!


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