The Turtleneck and Blazer Coat Combo Look

ASOS New Look longline blazer coat

Hello Beauts! I’ve been really obsessed with wearing turtlenecks and anything mustard-yellow color. This is the perfect outfit for the Fall weather. Sorry to my east coast lovelies! I know it’s hella cold right now but here’s a post of what I wear daily in Boston right now. Also, wearing the same jeans and booties in this outfit 🙂  If you’re from Boston, you would know that the weather is bipolar. I took advantage of that one odd day of warm weather and decided to put together an outfit by styling my turtleneck and new blazer coat!

Outfit Details

UNIQLO – Women Compact Cotton Turtleneck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, Size Small, Color: 46 Yellow

I used to hate wearing turtlenecks because I thought they felt too stuffy and suffocating around my neck. Also, I have eczema on my neck that comes and goes during the winter. I was in desperate need to cover it up cause I felt too self-conscious exposing my neck with red angry dry patches on it (ugh! so annoying!). I fell in love with the soft cotton fabric and the yellowy-mustard color of this turtleneck. The cotton material is very soft and keeps me toasty. I love how the turtleneck doesn’t feel tight on my neck as there’s a little extra room. 

ASOS – New Look Longline Coat in Check Pattern, Size US 2

I think styling a checkered blazer coat can create many versatile looks from casual to professional or even dressy! I decided to style my turtleneck with this coat and I love how this combo is perfect for a chill day out. The polyester fabric felt quite itchy on my skin. However, since I wore a long sleeve turtleneck under my coat, it didn’t feel itchy anymore. The length is perfect for my 5’6 height, not too long or too short. 

turtleneck and blazer coat combo outfit soobeautis
turtle neck and blazer coat combo outfit soobeautis

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