The Best Makeup Brush Sets For Every Budget

Professional makeup brush soobeautis

Yes, makeup brushes are expensive but not all brushes can break our bank. Is it worth splurging $110 on a set compared to spending a $12 E.L.F set at CVS? It’s quite a recurring question that comes across budget conscious shoppers. I’ve bought a range of makeup brushes and found that in the end, they get the job done. Higher end makeup brushes do have better bristles and will last longer compared to cheap brushes. However, not all cheap brushes are terrible. The application may differ but they work just has fine and it will save you some cash. Here’s some of my favorite makeup brush sets for every budget.

e.l.f Basic Face Brush Set: $8

e.l.f Basic Face Brush Set

Every beauty shopper owns at least one e.l.f brush. If you don’t, you’re completely missing out! This is the most affordable brand that ever exist. For this particular set, you get 5 brushes for $8! If you do the math, that’s basically $1.60 for each brush! I love using the face brush because it’s fluffy and soft on my face! With proper care and cleansing, these brushes can go a long way!

EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit: $10

EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit

Probably the most under-rated makeup brush brands of all time. EcoTools produces cruelty-free products. Their vegan synthetic makeup brushes are very soft and easy to apply on your face. This set is perfect for shoppers who do basic makeup that doesn’t need a 20 piece set! I love how this brand is both eco-friendly and cruelty free!

Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Set: $14

Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Set

Moon Crystal Power! Ohhh the nostalgia. This would have to be one of my most favorite and cutest makeup brush sets of all time. This set is mainly used for the eyes with the exception of the fan brush that’s used to pop in your highlight. Since it’s metal, the brushes are more heavy to hold but very sturdy. Every Sailor Moon fan will totally geek out on this set.

LUXIE Luminous Eye Set: $21 ON SALE

LUXIE Luminous Eye Brush Set

The aesthetics of all makeup brushes. Gold glittery makeup brushes?! We millennials, do love anything that’s gold so I’m pretty sure the packaging is targeted towards us, heh. I received this set in my BoxyCharm but originally, this set cost $30. It’s currently on sale for 30% off! I would consider LUXIE as one of the high end brands. Their brushes are very high quality and also vegan and cruelty-free!

LUXIE Rose Gold 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set: $110

Rose Gold 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set soobeautis

This is the most expensive makeup brush set that I ever splurged on. The LUXIE Rose Gold set was actually my first Luxie purchase and I don’t regret it all. The bristles are high quality and doesn’t damage as easily as other brands. I bought the brushes back in 2016 for $77 so be on a lookout for sales! It’s been 3 years and this set is still my everyday set to use. They’re also the ones that I always pack when I travel. Although quite pricey, it’s worth the splurge!

Creer Beaute – Sailor Moon Cheek Brush: $38.29

Creer Beaute - Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Moon Stick Cheek Brush

Yes, another Sailor Moon Brush. Definitely on a pricey side to pay $38.29 for one single brush. Fortunately, my boyfriend bought this for me for Christmas so a BIG THANK YOU to him! Honestly, whoever buys this is definitely in it for the packaging aka the number one reason why I wanted this. The bristles are soft but the brush itself is quite small to my liking. But that pretty much overpowers my new obsession to collect more Sailor Moon makeup brushes. #Bias


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