How to Purchase Designer Handbags for Less

Hello Beauts! I remembered the day I purchased my first Kate Spade handbag. At first, I never really understood why bags cost that much. I didn’t believe that high quality was worth the hefty price. But then, I was in a continuous cycle of buying cheap handbags that were ripping and falling apart months later. I decided to splurge a little and gave into buying my first Kate Spade handbag. I knew I didn’t want to spend that much so here are on some tips on how I purchase designer handbags for less! 

Set a Budget for Yourself

In order for me to afford a luxurious item, I knew I had to set a budget for myself considering my income is coming from an entry-level salary job. I knew for sure that I can’t afford Yves Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton #TooBougieeForMe LOL. Kate Spade seemed the most affordable option and I love how their handbags are simple but elegant looking. Spending over $200 seemed too ridiculous for me to spend on a handbag. Since I already decided on my budget, there was no way I could afford retail price. That’s where sales and pre-owned handbags come into play.

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Where to Buy Designer Handbags on a Budget

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Kate Spade has their surprise sale of up to $75% off. That’s a pretty good damn deal. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter to get notified that the sale is happening! The surprise sale doesn’t happen very often like normal clothing store sales so it would be best to sign up and be on lookout. I was able to purchase my Kate Spade Laurel Way Evangelie handbag for $137, originally $300!

Black Friday Deals

If you’re in no rush to buy your bag, Black Friday is also another money saver option. Again know your brand, higher end brands such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton don’t typically have Black Friday sales at their physical store or official website. Third-party re-sellers may sell them but not often. Less higher end brands has Black Friday deals on designer handbags. I purchased my Michael Kors Cindy Logo Crossbody bag for $107, originally $168.


Poshmark is a great site to buy and sell fashion. Although it may be pre-owned, you can still find good bags that’s in great condition. When you purchase designer handbags from these types of sites, please make sure to do your research on the sellers. When I buy my handbags from Poshmark, I make sure that the handbag is actually authentic and the sellers have good reviews. If you do fall into that trip of buying a fake designer handbag, Poshmark has a fully refunded return policy. Not only do you find handbags for less, but you can also bargain with the sellers. I bought 2 handbags from Poshmark and had no problems at all. I purchased my Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden bag for $146, originally $358. My newest purchase was a Tory Burch Robinson Chain Wallet for $151, originally $298.  

I still want to expand my designer handbag collection and buy other higher end brands. Yves Saint Laurent is a reach goal but I can’t find myself to splurge over $1k for a bag #PoorPeopleProblems. I would highly recommend buying from Poshmark if you’re looking to save more money. I hope this was helpful and wishing you the best of luck in buying your designer handbags!


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